Client Services

00014194The primary goal for Surgical Exchange is to develop partnerships with facilities that will enhance a high standard of care, understanding, and commitment to mutual goals. Surgical Exchange is committed to assigning professional healthcare providers to your facility who demonstrate an uncompromising dedication to service and patient care and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


All of our solutions begin with sensitivity to the needs of the facility and are tailored to meet those needs. Seasonal census fluctuations, leaves of absence, vacations, or expansions — whatever your specific needs — our staffing solutions are designed to meet those needs and help you maintain continuous quality care for all patients.


Our personnel support staff and recruiters provide 24-hour support seven days a week. You’ll soon understand why Surgical Exchange is considered a leader in the healthcare staffing industry. While continuing to hold your interests and concerns in the highest regard, our main focus is delivering quality and ethical patient care.


Our medical facilities enjoy a high level of comfort in knowing we at Surgical Exchange adhere to the highest ethical standards. Our innovative staffing technology is the most effective in maintaining all licensures and documentation regarding our nurses. This ensures that you receive optimum quality in patient care service. We stand by our commitment to provide you with the highest satisfaction through our nurse placements.


We take pride in our client and nurse satisfaction surveys, which are returned to us with “superior” ratings year after year.

Surgical Exchange currently provides each medical facility with the following:
  • We maintain a consistent channel of communication, while monitoring the specific nurse staffing needs on a 24-hour 7-day-a-week basis.
  • We establish and implement competitive rates and differentiate ourselves from competitors with our value on patient care.
  • We guarantee only the most qualified nurse every for placement, a nurse who is fully licensed, credentialed, and skilled for your unit.

Our customer client surveys, which we conduct each year, identify the following as the most important factors when utilizing a medical staffing agency like Surgical Exchange. We address these concerns by supplying each facility with the highest skilled nurse for each placement. Surgical Exchange commits to these qualities in order to ensure lengthy and prosperous relationships with all of our medical facilities.

Each nurse will possess valid documentation to include:
  • Current CPR, PALS, and or ACLS where applicable.
  • Recent history and physical within one year.
  • Record of immunization including Rubeola, Rubella, Varicella, Mumps, and Hepatitis B vaccination or declination.
  • PPD or chest X-ray (if ever tested positive for PPD exposure).
  • Two professional references.
  • Completion of skills checklist according to each specialty.