Client Guide and Staffing Process

00014160Surgical Exchange is committed to providing our client facilities with appropriately matched healthcare professionals. We fully screen each healthcare associate and utilize a complete personnel profile for each applicant. A Surgical Exchange staff member will communicate with your facility regarding your specific needs.


All Surgical Exchange personnel who meet all criteria with Surgical Exchange keep us informed as to their availability for shifts. We monitor the availability of each personnel member, allowing Surgical Exchange to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.


Each Surgical Exchange associate must meet and follow specific requirements, including Joint Commission standards and other regulatory requirements. Surgical Exchange creates an occupational profile for each associate member including a resume, test scores, areas of specialty, credentials, and experience.

Healthcare Personnel Screening

For optimal quality assurance, we apply the following screening system:



  • Obtain current and past residence information.
  • Obtain professional references.
  • Validate original current certificates.
  • Validate picture ID.
  • Determine skill level and confirm a minimum of one year of recent experience in related field.
  • Conduct screening and orientation including criminal background checks.
  • Complete skills orientation and checklist.
  • Administer specialty exams in areas of Nursing.
  • Assure a current PPD and physical and provide CPR.
Provide information on OSHA’S Bloodborne Pathogen


  • Regulation and documented status of Hepatitis B vaccine and all vaccinations including Rubeola and Rubella.
  • Provide a resume of work and education experiences, documenting annual Joint Commission educational requirements and CEU’S where applicable.